Virtual Tour of Archer Avenue: Fairmount Hills Cemetery

Location: Fairmount Hills Cemetery is located at 9100 Archer Avenue in Willow Springs, Illinois, nestled between 95th, 104th, and Archer Avenue.

Fairmount Hills Cemetery Map

[] Across the river, exactly one mile southeast of Healing Waters Park nestled between 95th, 104th, and Archer Ave, is Fairmount Hills Cemetery, also known as Willow Hills Memorial Park. Fairmount vaguely resembles the state of Idaho in shape and breaks up the topography of the Archer Avenue “triangle.” It is a scenic, garden-like cemetery plotted on rolling hills, but it has not escaped from the area’s enigmatic pull.

Read more about haunted Archer Avenue in Paranormal Illinois by Michael Kleen

Read more about haunted Archer Avenue in Paranormal Illinois by Michael Kleen

According to Dale Kaczmarek, visitors discovered the body of a young woman inside Fairmount Hills in February 1981. She had been beaten and strangled, but there was no evidence of a robbery. Stranger still, someone broke into the funeral home where her body was awaiting burial and placed a rose and a love note nearby. The case went cold for a year until the woman’s ex boyfriend turned himself in for the crime.

The most frequently retold story associated with the cemetery is that of the mysterious music of the White mausoleum. The mausoleum, which no longer exists, was a simple, rectangular structure perched at the top of a hill with a small staircase that led up to its rusted door. Over the past few decades, several visitors reported hearing eerie music there. On one visit in 1982, a woman named Valerie told Richard Crowe that, “All of a sudden, faint but quite clear, a harpsichord began playing.”

Both Valerie and her niece heard the ethereal music, but it stopped abruptly when her sister joined them at the steps of the mausoleum. Dale Kaczmarek reported that the music was most often heard at dusk, and that the interior of the mausoleum was filled with concrete a long time ago, eliminating the possibility that the mysterious notes could be coming from a musical device interred with the Whites. Unfortunately, the White mausoleum was heavily damaged in a fire in 2003 and has since been torn down.


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