Virtual Tour of Archer Avenue: Bethania Cemetery

Directions: Bethania Cemetery is located at 7701 S. Archer Ave. in Justice, Illinois, north of 79th Street and the I-294 interchange.

Bethania Cemetery Map

[] In her often repeated attempts to return to Resurrection Cemetery, the ghost of Mary must pass Bethania Cemetery, which was established in 1894 and borders Resurrection to the south. The first interment in Bethania took place on July 22, 1894–a newborn child named Ehrhart Ketschner. It is a tradition for the cemetery’s century-old bell to toll whenever a funeral procession passes through the gates. Although less well-known than its notorious neighbor, Bethania has developed its own reputation for the unusual.

In October 1989, the Southtown Economist (now known as the SouthtownStar) reported the arrest of two young men inside Bethania Cemetery in the early morning hours. A day earlier, police had discovered an altar made from a marble cross—probably stolen from a monument—in a wooded area of the cemetery. The cross had been placed inside a circle drawn in the ground, and the police found evidence of a fire at the location. Cemetery workers caught the two young men as they traipsed across the grounds the next day. Police searched the men and found various metaphysical books and items on their persons. The two were charged with trespassing.


Southtown Economist (Chicago) 17 October 1989.

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