Paranormal Unity Day at The R Theater Coming January 31st

Para UnityIf you enjoy the paranormal and want to get rid of those cold weather cabin blues then this is the place to be. Experience the entire event, with speakers, lunch, and snacks, for just $10. There are some great speakers coming in and it will truly be a day of fun for all.

I am really looking forward to the Paranormal Unity Day for several reasons. One there are a lot of great speakers coming. And two the event is really laid back so it will feel like family. As well as seeing old friends and meeting some new ones.” – Melissa Tanner, TNT Paranormal

I am looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new acquaintances within the field. I think it is valuable to network with others if I am to continue to learn and grow my knowledge about paranormal phenomenon. One of our greatest resources as a paranormal investigator and/or researcher is each other.” Mary Marshall, Paranormal MD Radio

“I’m really looking forward to this year’s Paranormal Unity Conference at the R Theater, and honored to asked to be a speaker. This year I’m going to talk about UFOs  and aliens in the Bible. I’m either going to start some people thinking, or lose some friends!” – Jim Heater, Paranormal Geeks Radio

Tickets need to be ordered in advance so the organizers can be sure to have enough food and snacks. Speakers are subject to change, since it is winter and there is a chance for bad road travels. No refunds on tickets, but all remaining money goes to charity, so if you have to cancel, look at it as a donation.


Melissa Tanner – 9:15am
Carl Jones – 10:00am
Shari Cain – 11:00am
Jim Heater – 11:45am
Ginger Collins – Justus – 1:00pm
Len Adams – 1:45pm
Mary Marshall – 2:45pm
Steven LaChance – 3:30pm

Investigations will be held on Friday & Saturday nights from 7pm – 1am. Some speakers may join these but tickets are limited to 10 each night. This all goes 100% to charity after all expenses are met. Be sure you pick the correct investigation night if you want to investigate the R Theater.

Check out the Facebook event here, or order tickets here.


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