The hair on my neck began to tingle…

“Immediately upon entering the building, the hair on the back of my neck began to ‘tingle.’ Intuitively I felt uncomfortable, that I wasn’t alone. After setting up my copy camera gear in the restored living room on the first floor, I climbed the stairs to the second floor and entered a room fitted out as a display area… A single light switch on the wall near the door controlled the electric lights in the case. Turning it on, I quickly examined the contents. Finding nothing of interest for my task at hand, I turned the light off… When I returned with the photos several minutes later, the display case light was back on. After replacing the photos on the wall and selecting two more, I again turned the case light off and went back to my copy camera. All the while I felt an undefined apprehension. The hair on my neck continued to ‘tingle,’ and a penetrating shot of cold rolled up my back. Again I returned to the display room. Again the case light was on!”

– Frederick Stonehouse, Haunted Lakes


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