Interview with Cathy Ramirez of Ghost Tours of Kansas

Cathy Ramirez, owner and operator of Ghost Tours of Kansas, LLC has become a top promoter of ghost tours and events throughout Kansas. Cathy has achieved building 13 ghost tours in 11 cities over the past 10 years. Cathy’s stories have been published by well recognized paranormal writers including Jeff Belanger, Dan Terry, Lena Townsend, and Dawn Colclasure. Other accomplishments include frequent appearances on Radio shows which include Visions, The Paradigm Radio Network and Kansas Paranormal Quest. Cathy and Ghost Tours of Kansas, LLC have hosted along-side Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures for premier showings of The Orphan, Drag Me to Hell and Paranormal Activity 3. Having performed nearly 200 investigations in the last eight years, Cathy has become a well-respected investigator and researcher in the paranormal field. Cathy resides with her husband Ramon in Delia, Kansas. They have one daughter, Megan.

How did you become interested in ghost stories and haunted places? What is it about folklore and ghost stories in Kansas in particular that appeals to you? Have you ever had an encounter with the unknown?

Growing up Native North Topekan the infamous Albino Lady Ghost was always on a kid’s mind, especially if you walk to school. Having attended Rochester Grade School, children enter kindergarten learn, “Watch out for the Albino Lady when you are walking to and from school!” instead of ABC’s on the first day of school. Somehow that is always embedded in the back of your mind. After school, career and family, someone had approached me with the idea of performing ghost tours in Topeka since Atchison had been offering tours for years. I liked it and took off running ever since. I have always had a fascination with Halloween and ghosts anyway and this seemed a perfect fit.

Being a ghost hunter and a skeptical one at that, I am the type that needs to be hit in the head or yelled at by a ghost for me to think it is paranormal. Hearing disembodied voices or footsteps from a spirit is pretty exciting but when a spirit kicked my daughters chair during an investigation or laid a red ribbon on my arm, that is mega cool. Having ghosts respond to my questions during investigations is fun.

Growing a tour company to 13 ghost tours in 11 cities throughout an entire state is quite an accomplishment – What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

Cathy Ramirez, owner and operator of Ghost Tours of Kansas, LLC

Cathy Ramirez, owner and operator of Ghost Tours of Kansas, LLC

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently? What makes your company so successful?

I have faced many challenges during my ten years in business. I never realized how cut throat the paranormal field was until starting my own ghost tour business. Sabotage by other ghost hunting teams or paranormal businesses is quite an obstacle, along with people using social media to discredit my tours. Tour wise, guides not showing up, busses not showing up or breaking down during tours is sometimes a problem, dealing with drunks or negative people on tours can be a challenge, and persons running off or getting lost during a get out stop on tours has happened a few times.

For the most part I am pretty satisfied on how I have run my business. If I had to change anything it would be firing negative guides or ghost hunting teams that work for me right away instead of holding on to them longer to see if they would improve. Most business owners do not have time to babysit and be counselors to others who thrive on negativity and drama.

I believe my business is successful because I am passionate about what I do. I know some ghost tour companies who would pull stories off the internet and make up information and call it a tour. I pride myself on going door to door to each location and personally talk to the staff and owners about their ghosts and then spend hours researching the history and last but not least try to investigate the location to confirm hauntings. I encourage people on my tours to go into the locations on their own to ask about the ghosts or go in to take photos. I stand by all my information.

Some tour guides report encountering paranormal activity during their tours – What is the most interesting thing that has happened during one of your tours? Have any clients ever reported seeing or experiencing anything unusual?

Anomalous photo taken at former Riverhouse Restaurant in Atchison by guest Darci

Anomalous photo taken at former Riverhouse Restaurant in Atchison by guest Darci

Being a ghost hunter I spend hours at locations investigating and get nothing. I have people on my tours who can take a photo in 10 minutes or less and have a full apparition in it. I do not guarantee ghosts but guests have captured some cool ghost pics during tours. Besides photos, I have had guests get physically ill usually at cemetery stops. I have had guests get physically touched during get-out stops. I have had a full tour group whose camera’s all go dead or haywire while in a cemetery. I have people on my tours who seem to have some psychic abilities or sense paranormal activity and know the ghosts who reside in a location before I even tell the stories.

Out of all the allegedly haunted places you have visited in Kansas, which is your favorite and why?

As a ghost hunter I may spend hours in a location investigating and get nothing. No reactions to meters, no personal experiences, no photos etc.. Then there are the locations that is like a paranormal mine field every time I go to investigate meaning non-stop action or retrieval of evidence every time along with personal experiences. My favorite locations that I have investigated some up to 10 times is Moose Lodge in Topeka, Holton House B&B, Sigma Nu in Lawrence, Kansas and Constitution Hall in Topeka just to name a few. You can usually count on something cool happening.

What is the “Adventurous Babes Society”?

Adventurous Babes society is just a private group that organized a private paranormal event with me for this year so they have enough members I provide the information on the website for their ticket purchases. Ladies from across the state find interesting and fun things to do every month. Ghost Tours of Kansas offers many types of events and if we don’t have it posted I put something together that works for what the group wants. I have organized haunted pub crawls, paranormal b-day parties, all night ghost hunts, you name it I make it work.

Do you ever hold joint events with paranormal groups, authors, or other companies? How can our readers get in touch with you if they would like to know more about Ghost Tours of Kansas?

As a business owner I am all about promoting, and creating unique events guests would enjoy. I enlist the haunted restaurants on my tours to host a special event called Psychic Fun and Feast. Guests receive dinner, presentations, ghost stories and history and each receive a psychic reading. I recently hooked up with Candle Queen Candles in Leavenworth, Kansas to provide walking Leavenworth Ghost Tour and Tunnel Tour. This has been a huge success. People are interested in the underground city. I have worked with many investigative teams across Kansas and Missouri. No event or location is too weird for me to put an event together. I am all about new ideas, promoting the businesses on my tours and offering quality and unique tours to my guests.

Ghost Tours of Kansas llc

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