Interview with David Lowery, Paranormal Highwayman

David H. Lowery is a life-long paranormal enthusiast now devoting his life to its study and documentation. Known in the field as The Paranormal Highwayman, He is preparing to embark on an adventure on the highways of America, seeking out the paranormal in all forms. Be it cryptid, ghost or UFO, David has the knowledge and experience to investigate and attempt to find the truth. You can participate from home through David’s website David welcomes you to follow along and watch as BlackBird, his rolling paranormal lab/RV, travels wherever something unknown beckons!

What got you interested in the paranormal? What is it about the open road that appeals to you, and how does it relate to your interest in the unknown?

I have been interested in the paranormal pretty much all my life, as a child , as soon as I learned to read I began to go through as many books as I could find on UFO’s and watched the night skies for one. As a teenager I hunted birds and small game, so my attention turned to Bigfoot and other cryptids. I tell people that I am not scared of any ghost or demon, but Bigfoot scares me to death! It has been said that possibly my fear comes from a mentally blocked I encounter when young that frightened me so much. I dismissed it til I heard a report the other day that said one had been seen on the farm next door to where I used to search. Maybe so. Then at 17, Rudy, a famous local ghost at the now gone Lake Club, piqued my interest in ghosts and I have researched and investigated at various levels since then. About 6 years ago it went beyond to obsession level when I developed the Highwayman concept for my future.

David Lowery, Paranormal Highwayman

David Lowery, Paranormal Highwayman

You call yourself the Paranormal Highwayman. How did you come up with this nickname and what is it’s significance?

About six years ago or so, I looked at my life and compared it to that of my deceased father, who was an Illinois deep coal miner. He worked in that dirty, dangerous black hole for twenty five years, retiring finally and pronounced astoundingly healthy without a bit of the dreaded “black lung” from coal dust. Four years into retirement, an undiagnosed Aortic Aneurysm took him from us very unexpectedly. I decided that I was not going down that way, and was going to do what I wanted to do no matter what with the rest of my life. I was divorced, children grown, basically no responsibilities, and it was time to get it started. I dreamed up a plan to RV travel, which I love, and investigate the paranormal found near the highways of America. Friends and I coined the name “The Paranormal Highwayman,” I proceeded to register the domain names and and it was on. I began to follow my dreams and do exactly what pleased me and anyone interested could follow my adventures. I found it struck a cord with many who wanted to do the same, but could not leave the rat race. As an example, I always wanted to be a cowboy, so I took on that persona. It makes me happy and I feel I am like the 1800’s cowboys exploring the west. That set me on the idea to follow Route 66 for its very large numbers of paranormal legends.

You recently wrote a blog calling the paranormal “one of the most exasperating pursuits one can follow.” What did you mean by that?

In the state of the paranormal today, we cannot prove what is going on, what is real, if your evidence is proof, or anything concrete for that matter. Since we really have no idea what we are dealing with, everything one comes up with is subject to discussion and “debunking.” We are a long way from becoming a legitimate field of scientific study verified and certain of its content and substance. We need organization, method of research standards, proper peer review, etc. Until that happens we are just taking part in the infancy of a scientific study. I, for one, am okay with that. It is still possible to “leave your mark” by being diligent with documenting your research and findings and verifying results as much as possible. Maybe we all need to work towards the future together by sharing results and data in some form of structure. Not my field to develop such, but would be happy to participate.

What do you think are some of the challenges facing the paranormal community today?

I see the biggest challenge to our community right now is; the human ego. Like I have said before, since we have no idea what we are really dealing with, it is easy to pronounce oneself and “expert” or a “professional” It is not even an established study, therefore these two titles do not even carry standards, so irrelevant and plain bogus. Every one wants to be a TV star too, and so many use that as a goal and do not even pay attention to the real purpose of finding the truth about these subjects and yes, I think it applies to all disciplines of the paranormal. I tend to be rather outspoken about the subject. For example. After 40+ years as a Professional Photographer, and student of lens design, I feel I can look at a photograph and 90% of the time, figure out if it is something paranormal or not. Does this make me a paranormal photography expert? No way! I also hate the drama created when so called “experts” just are flat rude with novices about their evidence. Contrary to popular belief now not every “orb” is dust or bug, some can be something paranormal. Again, I am not always right even about that work, I was handed an embarrassing reversal of my decision on a picture the other day when proof of a cell phone app showed it fake. When they get good enough to make me question myself with my career and knowledge level; we have a problem there. Remember, no experts and every opinion matters when no one knows what is real. Result? Exasperating!

How did you come to live on the Ashmore Estates property, and what do you hope to accomplish there?

It has taken six years to prepare for my Route 66 adventure because of so many uncontrollable setbacks. I have taken it upon myself to rebuild my vehicles (a motorhome and four-wheel drive SUV) and that takes time and money, and I am by no means a rich man. Plus I have cheated death twice now: On Halloween weekend of 2011, I suffered a simultaneous brain stem stroke and a heart attack. By the Grace of God and great doctors I survived, but had many months of recovery. Then on Halloween of 2012, doctors repaired a growing aortic aneurysm, the same type that killed my father. More recovery time. Fast forward to May 13th 2014, and I am feeling very unfocused and burnt out, about to let the dream slip away. I saw an opportunity to refocus with a distraction. My good friend Robbin Terry had just purchased the very haunted Ashmore Estates, and I knew instantly the help he would need in its renovation as a paranormal investigation venue. I seized the moment and suggested I move into the old mobile home on the property and maintain the grounds and help him with the work needed. Plus my girlfriend Melanie was now ready to move from Wisconsin to be with me and it all seemed like a great fit. It is going very well and Ashmore Estates is an amazing place and getting better everyday! Now too I have some time to refocus on my dreams.

Please tell our readers about some of the projects you are currently working on. How can they get in touch with you if they are interested in learning more about you and your work?

I always give my projects names to bring me closer to them and to do my best. My paranormal lab/RV is Blackbird, a name revealed in a dream before it was even bought. My 4×4 SUV is Shadow since it will be towed behind the RV (BlackBird’s little Shadow.) Shadow will be towed on a two-wheel dolly, appropriately named, Dolly. Now we are also remodeling the poor old trailer at Ashmore Estates too. As far as paranormal projects, I have been doing a study for some time now on EVPs/AVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena/Aural Voice Phenomena) and energy in the area of ITC (Inter Trans-dimensional Communication). It can be read more about on my website with much more to come. Living 24/7/365 at a haunted location should add much to my work.

Do you have any other areas you are interested in?

I am involved with the National Stroke Association every since my own stroke in 2011. I have been and shall continue to raise funds and educate stroke awareness in everything I do. This silent killer needs to be stopped and education is the key.

Sorry guys, this page is copyright, 2014. You do not have permission to copy this for any reason. Please learn how to cite your work. Unless otherwise noted, all photos are courtesy of David H. Lowery.



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