This House: The True Story of a Girl and a Ghost Coming Soon

This House by Amelia CotterThe new edition of Amelia Cotter’s This House: The True Story of a Girl and a Ghost is set to be released in paperback and digital format by Breaking Fate Publishing on August 12th. Don’t miss our interview with the author on Monday, August 11th. But before that, check out some more details about this awesome little book. First published by the author, This House became a breakout hit on Kindle. This edition promises to be the best version yet.

Ursula Bielski, author of the Chicago Haunts series says, “Ms. Cotter’s evocative writing deliciously transported me…A wonderfully engaging book which also sheds light on the complex impulses that make the paranormal so irresistible. Ghosts speak to us in so many ways. The author is a master listener.”

Michael Kleen, author of Haunting Illinois, says, Let This House take you back to a time when the barrier between the real and the imagined was mercurial, and all things seemed possible. Who knows, you just may discover something of yourself lurking in these pages.”

From the publisher: “The house looked imposing and the eyes of the attic windows gazed down at me as we approached. The glass had broken away from the windows long ago, leaving nothing but space between us and whatever it was that was watching us…”

Nora is a lonely fifteen year old who dreams of more adventure than life in suburban Maryland can offer. Fascinated by the supernatural, she begins exploring an allegedly haunted abandoned house on the property where her father works. She soon finds herself tangled in the mysteries of the house as she uncovers its many secrets and meets a shy ghost called “Walter.”

Including original documents with the author’s notes, this book is based on real events and reveals how a girl, a house, and its ghost will become intertwined forever.

Don’t forget to come back on Monday, August 11th for Mysterious Heartland’s interview with the author, Amelia Cotter!


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