Investigating LaBinnah Bistro in Hannibal, Missouri

Chasing Shadows by Larry WilsonFrom Chasing Shadows by Larry Wilson.

The plan for the evening was for Gary to set up his surveillance camera in the dining room, Paul would walk from room to room using his handheld video camera shooting additional footage, and I would walk around taking still photos with my camera. Still downstairs, Kea’s boyfriend went into the kitchen to look around. He flipped on the light switch and nothing happened. Moments later, I walked in behind him and flipped on the switch. The lights came on! Was the ghost of the house playing with us, or were we dealing with an outdated utility system?

Once the equipment was set up, we did another walkthrough. Upstairs, in the bedroom that gave me the eerie feeling, Gary passed by a small loveseat and stopped. He sensed that someone was sitting there and that it was an older female who was in the house to look after a young child. He said that he sensed she was concerned that we were in the house.

I took several photos of the area around the loveseat but nothing turned up in the pictures. Later in the evening, I returned to this location by myself on several occasions and on two of the occasions I had the strong feeling that someone was with me in the room. I guess you could say that it was a creepy feeling, although I did not feel any hostility. Other times when I would walk through this area I would not sense anything at all.

Later that night while investigating the kitchen, Gary sensed that a child, possibly twelve to fourteen years old, was there with him. Kae had a strong feeling that the child was a boy and that his name was Nathaniel or Nate. I took several photos in the vicinity in which Gary said the child was standing, but nothing turned up in those photos either. During our exploration, Gary and I discovered a door leading to the attic. I proceeded up the steps with Gary behind me with a light. I started to walk into the attic, but the floor was very weak and felt as though it would fall through if I placed my full weight on it. I snapped four or five photos and in one of the photos captured a very odd shaped orb which looks like it was in motion.

A short time later, Paul was using his video camera to record down the old staircase when he captured footage of a similarly shaped orb floating up the staircase. The orb moved as though it had a mind of its own. It even changed directions several times. I was also able to capture a photo of a similar orb at the foot of the staircase about an hour after Paul recorded the floating orb. It was as though it was following us. About four hours into the investigation, we decided that we should start breaking down the equipment and call it a night.

I mentioned earlier that Gary’s batteries for the VCR remote were dead and that this would be significant later. Well, as we were breaking down our equipment, Gary took the batteries that I had loaned him out of the remote and gave them back to me. When he did so he put the old batteries back in the VCR remote and just for the heck of it tried them and they were fully charged. So it was like something had borrowed the energy from his batteries and when they were finished using the energy the batteries were charged again. Was this paranormal or just a malfunctioning remote? We may never know, but based on the location that we were at, it was very interesting none-the-less.

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  1. I have been to Hannibal, and with all that history there I would hope there are ghosts!


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