Gary Hawkins Catches a Ghost at Rockcliffe Mansion

Chasing Shadows by Larry WilsonFrom Chasing Shadows by Larry Wilson.

Gary entered through the doorway on the right and Paul (who was filming) and the other three members of the group entered through the doorway on the left. I followed Paul with my camera.

No sooner had Paul passed through the doorway when I heard Gary yell, “I’ve got one!” I decided to turn back and film Gary to see if I could catch anything on video. I was still filming as I was walking towards the doorway. When I reviewed my video footage the next day, a child’s voice saying “Momma” can be heard at the point where I am walking towards the doorway, as though it was wondering where its mother was.

When I got to the doorway where I could see Gary, he had his right hand extended, palm up, and he told us that he had immobilized a ghost. Unless you have ever experienced Gary catching a ghost (or whatever it is that he latches on to) and have actually felt the energy that he captures simply by holding out his right hand, I would not blame you if you did not believe it could be done. What I do know is that he catches something, whether it is his own energy or that of a ghost.

I filmed Gary as he gave each of the three first-time ghost hunters a chance to feel the ghost he had captured. When Gary gave his “Ghost 101” speech earlier in the evening, he explained his unique talent of ghost catching. I could tell by their expressions at the time that they were very skeptical of Gary’s claim, but what I caught on film was their skepticism changing to belief. Gary could do what he claimed.

As Gary gave each of them a chance to experience firsthand what he had captured by placing their hands in a similar position as his, I could tell by their verbal and physical expressions that they were amazed. Gary also gave Paul and I the opportunity to feel the ghost. What I felt was a tingling resistance that caused my hand to feel as though it was going to sleep. Paul said it was, “Like you could reach out and grab a hand full of something.” Whatever Gary caught—whether it was a ghost or some type of natural energy field—he was holding something like a magnet to metal.

What happened next was even more bizarre. While Paul was filming Gary catching the ghost, Paul said, “Gary, I caught a nice orb near you.” Once Gary released the paranormal energy that he had captured and the excitement had subsided, we decided to take a short break. During the break, Paul asked me if I would mind filming the reactions of the three new ghost hunters while he replayed the footage of the orb that he had captured near Gary. I agreed to do so.

Paul showed the orb that he had captured on film to Gary and the rest of the group. What could be seen was a small ball of light floating from about five or six feet in front of Gary to almost his knees before reversing direction.

The group was pretty excited over this when Gary pointed out something else during the footage. Paul rewound it and played it again. The reactions of several members of the group were priceless. When Chuck saw the footage he was so in disbelief at what he had just seen that he walked out of the room shaking his head.

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  1. I’ve been to Rockcliffe Mansion. Last summer. I did not go inside as it was closed, but shot photos from the outside. I could feel the ghosts in that building. When I stood on the front porch, it was palpable!


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