The so-called ‘sedate’ American Middle West

“Perhaps even more startling is the fact that each of these stories originated in the so-called “sedate” American Middle West. From ghostly mansions in Ohio to a Nebraska classroom lost in time, and from haunted manganese mines in northern Minnesota to ancient specters wandering the Ozark hills of Missouri, we hope to lay to rest once and for all the notion that hauntings occur only in moss-draped southern plantations or shuttered, clapboard cottages on the Maine coast. You’ll meet inhabitants of the unseen world who are frightening, some who are charming and others so peculiar as to defy description. And there is no geographical limitation to their activities–a rural farmhouse, suburban ranch home or country road all provide the ideal abode for ghostly shenanigans.”

– Beth Scott & Michael Norman, Haunted Heartland


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