A World of Haunted Houses

This infographic recently came across our desk… Among other interesting tidbits, the graphic shows that while the percentage of people who believe in ghosts increases, the number of people who say they’ve actually seen a ghost decreases. For instance, it says 52% of people in England believe in ghosts, while just 12% say they’ve seen one. In the United States, 45% believe and 28% say they have seen one. I’m not sure why that would be the case. Anyway, check it out:

A World of Haunted Houses
A World of Haunted Houses [Infographic] by the team at Cheapflights



  1. Tim Prasil says:

    It’s really interesting that people in England outnumber (percentage-wise) Americans in believing in ghosts, given that our percentages for being religious/believing in the unseen is quite the opposite — or so I’ve heard or read . . . or possibly dreamed.

    But then they have all that history and old, old buildings and graveyards, etc.


  2. treiter89 says:

    I always think the interested aspect in people believing in ghosts, aliens, the loch ness monster, etc. is that they really WANT to believe it. Many of us are looking for the extraordinary.


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