Encountering Black Moon Manor

Echoes from the Grave by Larry WilsonFrom Echoes from the Grave by Larry Wilson.

I first became acquainted with the location after seeing it on one of the many TV shows about hauntings and haunted locations. The show featured an interview with the owner of the property and his girlfriend, who told stories of their encounters with the spirits in the house that had interacted with them. The couple also described a cemetery on the property, which is located directly behind the house where many victims of a horrendous smallpox outbreak are buried. They told of how the cemetery had been desecrated by a previous owner who had pulled up all of the gravestones to conceal from new tenants that a cemetery was located on the property. Desecrating the graves of the dead is never a good idea and has been known to attract negative spirits and entities.

This would be my first paranormal adventure to the Hoosier State and I was looking forward to finding out what the state would have in store for us. It was my hope that the haunts in the State of Indiana would be as exciting as they had been in Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa and we would soon find out.

So on August 24, 2011, along with my team of investigators from Urban Paranormal Investigations, I traveled to Black Moon Manor in Greenfield, Indiana.

The manor is located in the heart of Indiana and in the middle of Buck Creek Forest and was constructed in 1862 by John C. Estes. It is said to be the first house built in Hancock County, Indiana. Located at the top of a hill, the manor gives you a feeling that it is watching and somehow knows who is coming to visit and once you arrive, gives you the feeling that it knows your every move.

Black Moon Manor has a history of tragedy with many of its former occupants meeting their fate in this unforgiving estate. Reports of as many as 200 or more died in the house after it was converted into a small pox hospital during the outbreak of 1892. Men, women, and children alike, who were infected during the outbreak perished and were buried in a cemetery behind the house.

During the outbreak, there was only one doctor in the local community to care for the sick. As it turned out, he was owner of the Manor. The doctor allowed those who had been infected with smallpox to stay in the manor so he could keep a vigilant watch over the sick in hopes that the disease could be contained. But the numbers of the infected were too great for one man to handle alone and many of the sick died.

To help prevent any further spread of the outbreak, the dead were buried behind the manor in a private cemetery. Due to the rate that people were dying at the manor, an addition was built on and a mortuary established to prepare the dead for burial.

The mortuary was complete with a preparation room, funeral parlor, and cold storage area in the basement where the bodies were held until their burial. The stories that I have read told how many of the tombstones still stood, however, this is not true thanks to a previous owner’s attempt to hide the past of the house.

The current owner of the house, Matt Speck, found the house by accident while looking for a location to operate a haunted house attraction for the Halloween season. When he drove by the vacant manor, his first impression was that the place looked like a “Haunted House.” Little did he know just how right he was! Matt contacted the owner of the property and after some effort, he was finally able to convince the owner to allow him to open a haunted attraction in the manor.

It did not take long for Matt to realize that some of the occupants from days gone by were still residing in the manor.

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