January 2014 issue of Bumps in the Night!!! is now available!

The January 2014 issue of TNT Paranormal’s newsletter Bumps in the Night!!! is now available!

Bumps in the Night!!!From the ladies at TNT Paranormal: It’s hard to believe that 2013 is gone and we are now in a new year.  This past year went by so fast for us it’s almost a blur.  In 2013 we got to do some many new and exciting things and we can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store.

In 2013 we,

  • worked with 59 clients and conducted 22 investigations
  • were the guest on several local and national podcasts and radio shows
  • had articles published in several paranormal newsletters and online publications such as, UPI Newsletter, and Paranormal Current
  • were interviewed by author Dane Ladwig for his book, Piercing the Veils of Death
  • got to investigate with several of the TAPS team members, John Zaffis, and local favorite, Dale Kaczmerek
  • hosted 17 lecture programs at various locations around the Chicagoland area
  • hosted 2 Investigate with TnT Paranormal Events; one at the Coronado Theatre and the other at Tinker Swiss Cottage (both locations are in Rockford)

In the January 2014 issue of “Bumps in the Night” we will discuss some of the above items as well as other information.  This issue includes:

  • Paranormal “U” article “Dybbuk Box”
  • Famous Haunts featuring “Crump Theatre”
  • TnT Asks featuring paranormal investigator Rob Depew
  • Tools of the Trade article “Photography Dos and Don’ts”
  • Ask TnT Paranormal with a question on “What is Shamain?”
  • Paranormal Talk with Rev. Kathy article “Human Energy Systems – Part 1”
  • Investigator Spotlight featuring Investigator in Training Don Koretos

To read the issue in it’s entirety click here.

Readers are encouraged and welcome to submit content for the Ask TnT Paranormal, Ghostly Believe it or Not, and What’s on Your Mind columns. Email if you have information you would like included. Also, feel free to print the newsletter, pass along to your friends and family, or have them email Melissa to sign-up for the newsletter.


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