A Pleasant Surprise Ending to 2013

Thanks to the strange forces that make posts go viral, Mysterious Heartland has set a new record for site visits in one day – 33,383 on December 29th, and has received more than 93,600 visits in the past four days. That made December 2013 our best month for visits since the website launched in 2009. I’ve always had a goal to get at least 1% of the population of Illinois to visit this website in one month (about 128,000). This month, I’ve almost reached my goal, with 121,065 and just an hour to go.

Thanks to a related sales boost, my book Haunting Illinois: A Tourist’s Guide to the Weird and Wild Places of the Prairie State reached #1 in Midwestern travel guides and #4,535 in Books overall on That’s the highest ranking any of my books has ever achieved. That, coupled with the unexpected surge in website traffic, made for a great end to 2013. I hope you continue to come back in 2014, because there are a lot more mysterious places to explore!

1st in Midwest Travel December 30 2013


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