The Tragedy at Tegan’s House

Echoes from the Grave by Larry WilsonFrom Echoes from the Grave by Larry Wilson.

The house in which Tegan lives is quite interesting. It was built in the early 1900s by the John Henry family, who used it as their summer home. You may recognize the name John Henry as he is best known as the current owner of the Boston Red Sox and is also the co-owner of the Roush-Fenway racing team. Tegan’s parents purchased the home from the John Henry family and it is the home in which she grew up.

Tegan currently lives in the house with her husband Ryan and their children. She explained to me that several weeks earlier, Ryan was out in the yard raking leaves when a car stopped by and a man started a conversation with him.

The man asked Ryan if he was aware that years ago someone had committed suicide in the basement of the home. Ryan, who was unaware of the suicide, asked Tegan if she was aware of the death in the house. She was not.

Tegan contacted her father to see if he was aware of the suicide and to her surprise, he was. It seems that her father had been aware of the death of a former farmhand who had hung himself in the basement of the house, but being a good parent, did not want to alarm Tegan and her sister while they were living in the house for fear that they would be scared.

After Chad and Tegan finished with their morning show, we loaded up the Channel 7 van with my equipment and a video camera from the station and headed out to rural Adams County for our adventure.

The house is a two story frame dwelling with a full basement and is very well maintained. Over the years I have been in many homes conducting paranormal investigations and I have developed a sort of empathic ability that allows me to feel a different or weird vibe if a spirit is present.

In some houses and buildings I get a feeling that I should not be there, that something is not quite right, or what I describe as heaviness and oppression. This is especially true at a place where something bad or tragic has happened and left an imprint in the environment.

Tegan’s house gave me just the opposite feeling. As soon as I walked in, I had a feeling that I was welcome. It gave off a feeling of warmth and one that a lot of happiness and love has been experienced and shared over the years. The house and property is a beautiful place to raise a family…

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