Paranormal Investigators Open Cafe in Old Sherman House

We at Mysterious Heartland have long believed that haunted places can have a positive impact on a community by attracting business and tourism, and we are glad to see that some paranormal investigators have become entrepreneurs in order to do just that. Last week, the Wausau Daily Herald reported the following:

PLOVER — Chris Scharrer and Lisa Bishop ain’t afraid of no ghosts. In fact, the spooks that might scare other folks away cause this duo to charge through the front door — and then try to make a buck.

When Scharrer and Bishop decided to pursue their passion for food by opening a restaurant, the natural choice for a location would be one of the county’s oldest buildings that has for years been a hotbed of unexplained paranormal activity.

Scharrer and Bishop opened the Cottage Cafe on Nov. 6 at 2900 Post Road in Plover. Scharrer said the property is more than 160 years old, but has been vacant for more than a decade. More to the point, the building has been chronicled in publications such as “Haunted Heartland” by Beth Scott and Michael Norman, which describes the eerie events that have been recorded there over the years: locked doors opening on their own, lights going on and off, glasses being knocked off a bar.

Scharrer and Bishop have long been interested in the paranormal. The sisters founded the Stevens Point Paranormal Investigators, a group of about five people who have researched paranormal activity across the country for the past 25 years. Bishop said she and her sister were excited about the prospect of purchasing the property, formerly known as the Old Sherman House, and spent the past 18 months renovating it.

Read the entire article here. We are looking forward to visiting this establishment some day, trying their food, and maybe even seeing some ghosts!


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