The Shower that Dripped Blood!

Hunting GhostsFrom Hunting Ghosts: Thrilling Tales of the Paranormal edited by Buck Weiss. Story by Buck Weiss

Albert did not know quite where to start, so he started at the very beginning. He had never thought of himself as a superstitious man or someone who believed in ghosts.

His parents had brought him up to believe in Jesus and Santa Claus. When he figured out (around ten) that there actually was no Santa, he still believed that Jesus existed. He still prayed to this day, but was at a place in his life where earthly cares outweighed his worries about an afterlife. He had actually not thought about an afterlife in a while. That is, until someone’s came back to haunt him.

He was not beyond believing that the presence in his shower, it was not actually haunting the whole house, but only the shower in the master bedroom, was demonic. Yet, this was problematic since he had never heard of the devil, or his minions, wanting to haunt a bathroom or perpetrate the types of things that Albert had experienced.

“I have lived in this house for about six months,” Albert began. He had relocated here after being moved out of his old house to make room for his best friend. Albert had been clueless that, while he was at his job every day punching numbers for the accounting firm he had worked at since college, his best friend from high school, a local comic shop owner, had been “punching” Albert’s wife.

Every day of the week but Wednesday, which was when Albert would stop by on his lunch hour and hand the guy thirty to fifty bucks to pay for a stack of new comics.

Albert hadn’t seen his wife since the day he came home and was told that all of his stuff had been moved into this little ranch house across town and closer to his work. Once his wife had decided to leave him, she put it all together. He had always loved the way she took care of everything.

Of course, he still saw his ex-best friend every Wednesday, he had to; it was the only comic shop in town.

Albert watched as the film crew got some establishing shots of his house. Framed comic art and movie posters hung on the walls. His wife (ex-wife) was really thinking about making this a bachelor pad when she decorated.

“When did you first feel that there was something otherworldly living here.” Hunter asked.

The guy was in full “case mode” now.

Albert knew he was because he had stood up and announced, “Albert, I’m in, what we like to call ‘full case mode’ now.”

What happens next? Read Hunting Ghosts: Thrilling Tales of the Paranormal to find out!

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