Strange Lights Over Cumberland Sugar Creek Cemetery

Chasing Shadows by Larry WilsonFrom Chasing Shadows by Larry Wilson.

The moon that night was a waning crescent, which is only about one sixth of a moon. The sky was clear for the most part but the cemetery was very dark. We arrived a few minutes before 10:00pm. Once we got out of the car and walked a short distance, our eyes seemed to adjust to the darkness and we could make out objects or obstacles such as tombstones that were in our paths without difficulty.

Just a few minutes later, I glanced up towards the sky and noticed an object about the size of a very bright star heading west to east. I pointed out the light to Chris and asked if he thought it may be a satellite. Neither of us was sure as to what it was, but it did not have flashing lights like a normal aircraft would. I turned away for a moment to check out the cemetery because I thought I saw something moving. No sooner had I looked away when, Chris yelled, “Hey, the light vanished!” I looked up and, sure enough, it was gone.

A few moments later, we saw another, similar light coming from the southeast and heading in a northeasterly direction. A few seconds after that, we saw another light coming from the south and heading north. This time, I kept my eyes focused on the light. What I noticed was that both of the lights seemed to be headed on an upwards trajectory. As I watched, the lights became fainter and fainter. Then it hit me: the lights were not extinguishing; they were heading so high into the atmosphere that they were disappearing from sight. I do not know of any military or commercial aircraft that travels that high, so I was completely baffled as to what we were watching.

After the lights disappeared, we scanned the sky for a few more minutes but did not see anything else unusual… We had just walked back to the south end of the cemetery and were approximately 40 feet from the fence line on the east and another 30 to 40 feet from the fence line to the south. Chris was standing approximately seven to eight feet in front of me, facing south. I was also facing south and was behind Chris and at an angle that was a step or two to his left. We were again discussing where someone could have possibly been standing while remaining hidden from the Springfield group, when all of a sudden, Chris and I were lit up like Christmas trees and I could see Chris as plainly as if it were the middle of the day.

My first reaction was to turn my head and look behind me. As soon as I did this, my attention was drawn upwards. When I turned and looked up, I saw a very, very bright yellowish-white light. It was so bright that I extended my arm and hand towards the light to shield it from my eyes. Chris reacted in the same manner as I did. I am still uncertain how high above us the light was, but it was at least eight feet or so. The light surrounded both Chris and I for an estimated 20 foot radius. The blast of light lasted for about four to five seconds.

The light disappeared as quickly as it appeared. It was there one moment and gone the next. When I looked up, all I could see was the brightness of the light, like in those old spy thrillers where a blinding spot light is shinned into someone’s face to get them to talk. There are no security or street lights in or near the cemetery…

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