Chicago Paranormal Film Festival Saturday

The 2013 Chicago Paranormal Film Festival will take place this Saturday (Oct. 12) from 12pm to 1am at Ashbary Coffee House (8695 Archer Ave Ste 1 Willow Springs, IL). Michael Kleen will be hosting the event, which will feature films and speakers. Films include Ghost Cold Water, The Possessed, America’s Most Haunted, Lost Soul, Within The Darkness, and more! Go here for a complete list. Tickets are $15 if ordered in advance or $20 at the door.

The Afterlife Paranormal Conference & Film Festival was introduced in 2010 by Willy Adkins (Spook Show Entertainment / The Illinois Ghost Hunters) as a bi-annual paranormal conference with the interest of bringing together not just ghost hunters, but cryptozoologists, UFO enthusiasts and more!  The first event took place at The Haunted Stratfrod Inn Hotel in Sycamore IL. The name was later changed to Chicago Paranormal Film Festival after merging with the Chicago Ghost Conference.

Here is the lineup for Saturday:

11:00 Venue Opens – General Admission
12:00 America’s Most Haunted (85m)
01:30 Intermission
01:45 Hunting the Legend (95m)
03:20 Intermission
03:30 The Possessed (90m)
05:00 Intermission
05:15 Presentation By The Paranormal Highway Man (60m)
06:15 Lost Soul (10m)
o6:25 Ghost Cold Water (5m)
06:30 Children of the Grave 2 (90m)
08:00 Intermission
09:00 Presentation By Michael Kleen (30m)
09:30 Within The Darkness (83m)
11:00 Social Time / Reception
01:00 Close of Venue

For more information, or to order tickets, check out


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