Welcome to Mysterious Heartland

FacebookIn the Midwest – forgotten history, abandoned farmhouses, ghost towns, mysterious creatures, and yes, even ghosts momentarily appear to tantalize our curiosity. From strange lights over the Rockford sky, to the rolling sands of the Indiana Dunes, to phantom steamboats on the Ohio River, the American Heartland is indeed a strange place.

At Mysterious Heartland, we are fascinated by the odd and unknown. Our website will focus on unsolved mysteries, true crime, ghost stories, folklore, and books and movies about those topics. It is for everyone in the Midwest who is interested in learning more about the places, history, and events that make our hometowns unique.

Mysterious Heartland is a direct decedent of Our website went online in December 2008 and for nearly five years provided information, interviews, news, and more about the legends and lore of Illinois. After all those years, however, we felt it was time to expand our geographic boundaries to include other Midwestern states.

We need your help!

This website will only succeed with your help. We need contributors from Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Missouri. We are looking for personal stories of strange encounters with fortean creatures, ghosts, or other phenomena. We would also like articles about unsolved mysteries, true crime, found objects, roadside curiosities, and unusual history. If you are currently a writer, or would like to become a writer, we would love to hear from you! Please email me (the editor) at



  1. Cherry Coffrin says:

    Airtight Murder in rural Charleston is a good one. There is an unsolved murder in Oakland, Il. Can’t think of the name of the man that was tied up, tortured and murdered. These crimes were never solved and are quite strange…


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