Spring Street Haunting – The Rod Session

Echoes from the Grave by Larry WilsonFrom Echoes from the Grave by Larry Wilson.

One of the most important investigative tools of the evening would turn out to be the use of copper dowsing rods.

Dowsing rods have been used in paranormal research and investigations for many years. It is believed that the rods pick up on energy fields similar to an EMF detector. Others, and I include myself in this group, believe that by using dowsing rods, a spirit can control the movement of the rods in order to answer “yes or no” questions. This is done by the spirit manipulating the rods in different ways or directions by pre-determined guidelines that are announced out loud by the investigator at the beginning of the question and answer session with a spirit…

After Chris, Jay, and Sam had been in the basement for thirty minutes or so, they returned upstairs. They described a very successful rod session that they had conducted moments before. Chris has seen and helped conduct rod sessions before, so he understands what is necessary to conduct and monitor a legitimate rod session. They had decided that since Sam was the one who had experienced much of the unusual activity in the house, it was best if he held the rods during the session.

The three used the parameters that I described earlier. They announced to any spirits that were present how they could manipulate the rods by crossing them for yes answers and then uncross them when they were asked to do so. For no answers, the spirits were instructed to keep the rods steady and still. The first question that is always asked after the ground rules are explained is, “Are there any spirits or entities present.” If there is not a response to this question, then the session is ended.

When Sam asked if any spirits were present, the rods immediately crossed. He then asked the spirit to uncross the rods, which they immediately did. The next question that Sam asked was, “Are you a male?” To this question, the rods remained still.

Next, Sam asked the spirit if it was female, to which he received an immediate response as the rods crossed. After the rods crossed, Sam asked the spirit to uncross the rods, which again they immediately did. The next question Sam asked was, “Are you an adult?” To this question, the rods did not move at all and remained steady in Sam’s hands.

Due to the lack of a response from the previous question, Sam asked, “Are you a child?” To which the rods immediately crossed. Following the answer, Sam asked the spirit to uncross the rods and they immediately uncrossed.

Next, the trio tried to determine the age of the spirit. So through the process of elimination, they asked, “Are you fifteen years old or older?” and there was no response. Sam continued, “Are you ten years old or older?” No response. “Are you five years old or older?” The rods immediately crossed.

Sam then asked, “Are you six years old?” With this question the rods started to cross, then hesitated and stopped. Sam asked for the rods to be straightened, which they were, then he proceeded to ask, “Are you seven years old?” In the same manner in which the rods reacted to the previous question, the rods started to cross, hesitated, and then stopped just before crossing.

Many times during rod sessions, the answers will come so free and easy, then all of a sudden the rods will stop moving and responding. At this point it is assumed that the energy that the spirit was using to communicate has been depleted and they are no longer able to continue during the rod session or they simply do not want to answer any further questions. When this happens, we politely thank the spirit for communicating and allowing us to communicate with them and end the session.

This is basically what happened during the rod session that Chris, Jay and Sam conducted, but it was a fruitful session that seemed to produce answers to their questions…

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