Hunting GhostsFrom Hunting Ghosts: Thrilling Tales of the Paranormal edited by Buck Weiss. Story by Ellis Bergstresser

The archeologist huffed out a breath and looked at Darren, head tilted to one side, waiting for a response, but it was the old woman who spoke, while stirring the fire. “How did you come to keep it?”

The archeologist hesitated. “I stole it from the collection. A couple of years after Jeremy’s death. Replaced it with a fake.”

“A fake?”

“One I bought off Ebay, I had it engraved. Not the swastikas: those I scratched in myself.” She gave a mirthless laugh. “Too many questions, otherwise. It didn’t have to be perfect, I hadn’t put a picture of it in the excavation report, though my boss asked for one. We always include pictures of the cool stuff, but it bothered me too call attention to it. I told her it made me think of Jeremy, that he had found it just before he died. The girls on the crew had told her as much, too. She let it drop.”

I ventured a question, “You mentioned it in the report?”

“Of course. No one reads government archeology reports.”

The old woman snorted. “Not ‘no one’.”

The archeologist turned to her, but Darren spoke before she did. “You didn’t take it until years later? Why then?”

The archeologist’s throat worked in the dim firelight. “One of the curators jumped from our building. A few days after a freak wind damaged the curatorial offices.”

“Did you try and stop them?”

“I was away on a project.”

He rolled his eyes. “And you think it was the same ghost that killed Jeremy.”

“It’s not a ghost.” The old lady interrupted, her eyes not leaving the fire.

What happens next? Read Hunting Ghosts: Thrilling Tales of the Paranormal to find out!

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  1. That’s a nice teaser.


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