Big Cats Prowl on Williamsburg Hill

Chasing Shadows by Larry WilsonFrom Chasing Shadows by Larry Wilson.

Another eyewitness told me about the night a friend and he drove out to Williamsburg Hill to hang out. It was dusk and fairly dark, and although he admitted that they had consumed a couple of beers, he claimed they were not intoxicated. They had been out there for a good 45 minutes or so and were sitting on the tailgate of his truck.

Suddenly, they heard something big rustling in the large oak tree in the cemetery approximately 40 to 50 yards in front of them. Something big was moving around in the tree, and all of a sudden, a very dark and black animal leapt out of the tree and landed approximately 25 yards away. The eyewitness told me that whatever this was then leapt again and landed in the timber, which would have been at least another 25 yards away. After the thing landed in the timber, it was completely silent.

There was not any movement or sounds like you would have expected from something as large as what they had seen. He said his first thought was that a black panther had jumped out of the tree. The witness told me that he had heard stories of big cats and panthers being seen out on the hill. I asked if they saw it any more that night, and he said, “Heck no! That was all we needed to see, and we left right after that happened!”

Last summer, Chris Mason and I talked to a resident who lives near Ridge Cemetery. He told us of a time a few years ago that he heard and saw a mountain lion in the timber behind his home. He was burning a pile of papers and said that the pile was fairly large. When he lit the papers, the fire quickly crackled to life, and almost in response, he heard the roar of the big cat. He believes that the fire startled the big cat. He told us that just behind his house there is a large drop off of about 40 feet, and at the bottom of the drop off is an old wrecked station wagon that he believed the cat was using as a den…

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