Ashmore Estates Reopens for Investigations

DSCF0220Ashmore Estates, a former almshouse and hospital for the developmentally disabled, has reopened for paranormal investigations after several months of cleanup. As a haunted attraction, the former almshouse became widely known after appearing on television shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, as well as in documentaries like Children of the Grave 2.

In January of this year, Ashmore Estates was damaged by a tornado that destroyed its roof. On Friday, April 26, it sold to a four member partnership for $12,700. Since then, two of the four buyers have sold their portion to the other partners, Robert Burton and Ella Richards. Robert and Ella have held several fundraisers to raise money to repair the roof, including “Cruisin’ to Raise the Roof,” which was held last weekend and featured food and live entertainment.

The new owners have reopened the building to paranormal investigations. An exclusive investigation will cost $600 dollars for ten people or less ($50 for each additional person) and will include twelve uninterrupted hours, plus a free hour for set up and take down. Non-exclusive investigations are $400 for ten people or less and $30 for each additional person. For more information, including who to call to set up an investigation, visit

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