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Hunting GhostsFrom Hunting Ghosts: Thrilling Tales of the Paranormal edited by Buck Weiss. Story by Marc Sorondo

Chambers had come to disbelieve the myth of the paranormal investigator. He’d come to accept the profoundly disappointing truth: though stories abounded of the man who sought monsters and found them, of the guy that spent a hundred nights in haunted homes and finally, after ninety-nine duds, saw a ghost. Though the stories were common, the reality was that Chambers had come to believe ghosts did not exist; monsters were not real.

For years, he’d gone into every case hoping it would be valid, responded to every report trusting that eventually he would encounter something. People claimed to see all sorts of things – ghosts, aliens, bigfoot, sea monsters – and Chambers faithfully looked into every one. He conducted witness interviews, hunted for physical evidence, took thousands of photos and hundreds of hours of video.

Now, his faith was waning. He still wanted to find something. He still dreamt of encountering something impossible…but he no longer believed it would ever happen.

He kept investigating. He still pumped out a book a year and made appearances at conferences. He still jumped at the chance to give commentary on episodes of paranormal shows on Discovery and the History Channel. To the rest of the world, Chambers’ faith seemed unshaken. In reality, it had become a job, a way to make a meager living. Unfortunately, after years of looking into the shadows, he wasn’t qualified to do anything else…

What happens next? Read Hunting Ghosts: Thrilling Tales of the Paranormal to find out!

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