Sometimes Ghosts are Watching Over Us

Echoes from the Grave by Larry WilsonFrom Echoes from the Grave by Larry Wilson.

Some believe that ghosts may exist in a type of limbo and frequent or haunt the places with which they were familiar or have fond memories. Places such as childhood homes or playgrounds, places where they worked or spent a lot of time. In the case of a sudden or tragic death, they may be confused not knowing that they are dead or what has happened to them so they are trying to find answers to help them understand.

Ghosts or spirits may also appear a short time after their deaths in order to comfort someone close to them who is grieving. In helping the living cope with the loss of their loved one, they may appear to let them know that they are ok and that everything will be alright.

One of the members of a ghost hunting group to which I belong described several events that happened to his sister-in-law after the death of her father. The family was having a get together at the sister-in-laws house shortly after the death of her father.

The sister-in-law had twelve place settings of a particular set of silverware that they were using for the get together. After the meal was finished and the dishes were being washed, it was noted that a fork was sitting on top of the garbage pail, and sure enough, it matched the place setting that were being used.

After the dishes were washed there were still twelve place settings but there were now thirteen forks. The next event that happened was that her father had a weather radio that he enjoyed listening to that was turned off after he passed away. The radio began to turn on by itself without any explanation.

The final and most intriguing event was something that happened the day of the funeral. The sister-in-law’s father had worked as a businessman and had traveled frequently. When the sister- in-law was a small child, her father went to Italy and had purchased a silver necklace of Snoopy the Dog from the old Peanuts cartoon series. As an eight-year-old child, she had lost the necklace in a school yard while swinging.

The day of the funeral, the sister-in-law went to her jewelry box to pick out something to wear and when she opened the box lid setting on top was a silver necklace just like the one her father had purchased for her. It was in perfect condition. She had not seen the necklace for thirty-five years and had opened the jewelry box hundreds of times since.

This may be an example of a loved one letting someone know that everything is ok and that they will again be together someday. A ghost may also appear in a life threatening situation as a type of guardian angel or messenger, either to comfort or guide the living through the difficult time…

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