Tony Hubert Retires from Paranormal Investigation

Tony Hubert, a Kankakee native and head of the Illinois Paranormal Society, has announced his resignation from paranormal investigation and will hand over future cases to IPS members Tonya and Emery.

Tony Hubert“I have been investigating the Paranormal and Unexplained since 1997,” he said in a post on his website. “I was investigating before any ghost hunting was popular and on TV. It has been a long 16 years. That is more than half of my life. I have experienced many things in those years, most of which I still cannot explain. Over the last handful of years, my interest and desire to investigate have declined.”

He said his desire to investigate has declined, “Mainly due to these fly by night groups that are popping up all over. Also, these other so called “groups” who investigate the same locations over and over again, tell the public that these places are haunted when in fact they aren’t, treat this field as a competition instead of what its really meant for – educating and helping the public, and lastly, lost family time. I have spent many an evening away from my family and it hasn’t been fair to them.”

Tony has created an event management and promotion company called Neuhub Entertainment, and plans to attend Parkland College for a degree in respiratory therapy.


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