Paranormal 101: Haunted Kentucky

In this monthly segment, I will provide a list of books I think anyone interested in folklore, ghost stories, the unusual & the paranormal would enjoy. Most of these can be found on (often at discounted rates) or at your local library. Each list of books will be arranged by topic and will be accompanied by a short description highlighting some themes and commonalities. Enjoy!

Boone Tavern, the Lock and Key Cafe, the ghost of Hebron Lane, screaming skulls, and a fox-faced girl are just some of the places and stories covered by the books listed above. Kentucky is also home to the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, a notorious institution that has been the subject of numerous movies, documentaries, and television shows. According to legend, thousands of patients perished of tuberculosis at the asylum and their bodies were deposited in a tunnel hidden beneath the building. Waverly Hills has probably been featured in more paranormal-themed shows than any other place in the United States. Kentucky has a lot more to offer, however, and the state is just a few short hours drive from Southern Illinois. The books presented above are a good place to start if you are planning a trip down to the Bluegrass State.


Paranormal Illinois by Michael KleenInterested in the ghostly legends and lore of Illinois? Check out Michael Kleen’s book Paranormal Illinois. Paranormal Illinois presents in-depth and original research on some of Illinois’ most unusual tales, including the phantom lady of Kennedy Hill Road, the headless horseman of Lakey’s Creek, and the ghost of Ange Milner. Chapters on Archer Avenue, Manteno State Hospital, Ashmore Estates, Airtight Bridge, Devil’s Gate, and other infamous places present information and interviews never before seen in print. Fun, informative, and greatly entertaining, this painstakingly researched book leaves no ghost unturned.

Order it at today!


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