Ghostly Games: Jeopardy Edition! 10/8

Welcome to “Ghostly Games”: Jeopardy! Each month throughout 2012, we will feature  three categories that will test your knowledge of the strange and unusual in Illinois, or of the paranormal generally. Play along at home and remember to phrase your answers in the form of a question! Answers will be shown at the bottom of next month’s categories.

Mysterious Creatures
  • 100 – This three-toed, hairy beast was encountered along a road south of Peoria in the summer of 1972.
  • 200 – These winged-creatures of American-Indian mythology have been spotted in the skies over Illinois for centuries.
  • 300 – With its tiny arms, three legs, and pink eyes, this creature terrorized one small southern Illinois town in the spring of 1973.
Haunted Roads
  • 100 – While creepy in its own right, this road is home to a cemetery famous for its hovering balls of light.
  • 200 – A spectral wagon and the ghost of a provost marshal are said to haunt this southern Illinois road.
  • 300 – Spring Valley is home to this road, where a tragic accident resulted in a message written in blood.
Paranormal People
  • 100 – This southwest suburban man was one of the first to claim that he picked up Resurrection Mary along Archer Avenue.
  • 200 – This short-tempered woman frustrates her fellow paranormal investigators in the fictional adventures of “The Fallen.”
  • 300 – Under the pen-name “Jim Brandon,” this man launched Bachelor’s Grove to national fame in his 1978 book Weird America.
Answers to last month’s categories:

Haunted Places: What is Anderson Cemetery, What is the Rialto Theatre, What is St. Bede Academy
Infamous Crimes:  Who is John Wayne Gacy, Who is Richard Speck, Who is Julia Markham
Urban Legends: What is “The Hook,” What is “The Roommate’s Death,” What is “Alligators in the Sewers”


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