Interview with Robert Veach, Founder of VParanormal

Robert Veach is an engineer and the founder of a paranormal group called VParanormal. He lives about an hour outside of Chicago and has developed his own paranormal investigative equipment. His team also uses some commercially available equipment as well. Robert has appeared on Beyond the Medium, as well as other radio programs.

What does VParanormal stand for, and how long has your team been operating?

VParanormal is named after my last name Veach, shortened to V. VParanormal has been doing investigations for several years now but we formally formed our website and YouTube page November 28th, 2010.

Where was the most interesting place you have investigated?

The haunted Angel Center in Oswego Illinois. VParanormal investigated there twice with compelling evidence each visit.

You say you have developed a lot of your own paranormal investigating equipment. What kind of equipment have you developed and how does it work? Have you captured any paranormal evidence with it?

My field of study is electrical/mechanical engineering with a basement lab. I have developed many unique one of a kind paranormal devices, including the worlds first Para-Shadow (TM). My website is the best place to look at these devices under the “technical videos” tab. Yes we have [captured paranormal evidence]. Using a device called the Para-Talk (TM), we have communicated several times with entities using a P-SB7 ghost box and capturing various electronic voice phenomenon (EVP’s) My website is the best place to look at our results using this equipment under the “investigation videos” tab.

Tell us a little about your investigation at the Trump House. What kind of ghostly activity has been reported there, and what did you find during your investigation?

The homeowner nicknamed Trump called VParanormal and  indicated that he’s been ‘haunted’ at multiple residences…including his current home. This is a very rare and unique type of case because the entity has followed this gentleman for 30 years. The reported activity has been items moved, items thrown to the floor, sounds of cans crunching in the kitchen garbage, a  door slammed and broken, shadow figures, voices, pacing sounds, laundry being thrown to the floor, lights manipulated and music being played upstairs (no radios or CD players present). This is an ongoing investigation. VParanormal has been there twice and plans to return. We have captured Knocks on demand, EVP’s on demand, and a sequence of P-SB7 ghost box responses that are the best we have ever captured.



What kind of techniques do you use during an investigation? What have you found most effective?

We try to use a very scientific approach to a haunted location. We utilize every piece of custom equipment along with commercially available equipment and do a controlled series of experiments to entice communications with an entities present.  We also document every investigation with a follow up results video. We always scrutinize our evidence and never hype it up.  We only show the evidence that we feel is real paranormal. Right now our “Para-Talk” (TM) combined with our  “Para-Field” (TM) has been the most effective paranormal evidence gathering devices.

Where can our readers go to find out more information about your group or request an investigation?

If they have paranormal activity in a home of a business, has our contact information well as investigation and technical videos.  A future client can see our unique approach that we use during an investigation.

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