The Legendary “Fallen Game” is Now Available for Pre-Order for the First Time!

Developed in 2003 and kept from the public until its premier at the Illinois Paranormal Conference in Rockford in September 2012, The Fallen Game is the world’s first paranormal-investigation themed board game. Each copy of this specially-released game is made by hand, from scratch, by its creator.

The Fallen Game is a fun board game for 2-6 players. Explore the grounds of an abandoned estate. Win points by detecting ghosts or by putting back the pieces of the mansion’s mysterious past. Play smart, or your opponents will debunk your findings! Who will be the first to make it to 20 points?

The Story

The Durhams were a wealthy family living at the turn of the 19th century. No one knew why Robert, the youngest son, murdered his entire family, but there were plenty of rumors. Their mansion was locked up and left to slowly deteriorate.

Decades later, an elite team of paranormal researchers known as The Fallen were called in to investigate. Unfortunately, The Fallen disappeared and haven’t been seen since. Many suspect that the group became lost on the mansion’s sprawling grounds. It is up to you to rescue The Fallen, uncover any evidence of ghosts at the location, and lay the spirits of the Durhams to rest by putting everything back in order.


  • September 26 – October 5: Pre-orders.
  • October 5-12: Production week.
  • October 13: All orders will ship!

How to Pre-Order

Pre-orders will be accepted between September 26 and October 5, after which you will no longer be able to purchase the game. Games will be manufactured and shipped a week later, just in time for Halloween! Use the Paypal button below to secure your copy of The Fallen Game, or pay by check by downloading and mailing this order form.

Click here to pre-order now!

Get your order in soon, because they will no longer be accepted after October 5th. Games will be shipped on October 13, 2012. Each Fallen Game is made lovingly by hand, so there may be some slight variations in the final product.


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