Paranormal 101: Afterlife Communication

In this monthly segment, I will provide a list of books I think anyone interested in folklore, ghost stories, the unusual & the paranormal would enjoy. Most of these can be found on (often at discounted rates) or at your local library. Each list of books will be arranged by topic and will be accompanied by a short description highlighting some themes and commonalities. Enjoy!

Fascination with the possibility of communicating with the dead is as old as humanity itself, however, the subject was widely popularized by the spiritualist movement in England and America during the 19th Century. Since that time, science and psychology have joined the debate. There are many books available on the subject, ranging from the fantastical to the analytical. Contact the Other Side by Konstantinos belongs in the former category, Jane Greer and Allan Botkin’s books belong in the latter. Greer and Botkin approach afterlife communication from a psychological perspective: even if it is all in your head, it can be used as powerful therapy to come to terms with the death of a loved one, they argue. Whether or not you believe it is possible to communicate with the dead, all of these books make for very interesting reading! Some of them may contain compelling evidence of the beyond.


Paranormal Illinois by Michael KleenInterested in the ghostly legends and lore of Illinois? Check out Michael Kleen’s book Paranormal Illinois. Paranormal Illinois presents in-depth and original research on some of Illinois’ most unusual tales, including the phantom lady of Kennedy Hill Road, the headless horseman of Lakey’s Creek, and the ghost of Ange Milner. Chapters on Archer Avenue, Manteno State Hospital, Ashmore Estates, Airtight Bridge, Devil’s Gate, and other infamous places present information and interviews never before seen in print. Fun, informative, and greatly entertaining, this painstakingly researched book leaves no ghost unturned.

Order it at today!


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