Ghostly Games: Jeopardy Edition! 9/10

Welcome to “Ghostly Games”: Jeopardy! Each month throughout 2012, we will feature  three categories that will test your knowledge of the strange and unusual in Illinois, or of the paranormal generally. Play along at home and remember to phrase your answers in the form of a question! Answers will be shown at the bottom of next month’s categories.

Haunted Places
  • 100 – Controversy surrounds this creepy central Illinois cemetery dubbed “Graveyard X.”
  • 200 – This magnificent movie theater in Joliet is said to be haunted by two lovers who tumbled to their deaths from the balcony.
  • 300 – “Brother Otto” haunts the third floor of this Catholic prep school in Peru, Illinois.
Infamous Crimes
  • 100 – “Pogo the Clown” was the stage name of this notorious suburban serial killer.
  • 200 – This pock-marked madman murdered eight nursing students on the south side of Chicago in 1966.
  • 300 – This woman murdered her seven children with an axe on a farm outside the small town of Cambridge, Illinois.
Urban Legends
  • 100 – In the 1960s, Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery was the setting for this frightening urban legend involving a one-handed convict.
  • 200 – The legend of Mary Hawkins at Eastern Illinois University was largely inspired by this popular campus tale.
  • 300 – In the summer of 2010, this reptilian legend was confirmed two separate times by surprised pedestrians along the Chicago River.
Answers to last month’s categories:

Tragic Disasters: Who is the O’Learys, What is The Fire that Will Not Die, Who is Fern Riley
Haunted Roads:  What is Blood’s Point Road, What is Cole Hollow Road, What is Kennedy Hill Road
Creepy Quotes: Who is James Randi, Who is Edgar Allen Poe, Who is Robert Frost


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