An Encounter with the White Lady at the Original Springs Hotel, Part 3

By Len Dorman

I had somehow picked up two of my ultraviolet flood lights during this time, so I started to run the lights up and down The White Lady’s body hoping that the full spectrum camera (which was not picking up anything using infrared lighting) would pick up something this way. Somehow, I do not remember how or when Ursula got the full spectrum camera and was keeping The White Lady centered in the screen for several more minutes.

She also told me that she was moving back and forth, away from me then back close then away again, seeming to see if I really was seeing her. I am so surprised by this and staring so hard I can hardly even hear what Ursula is saying, like I was in a dream, everything slowed down. I can still see flashes of The White Lady in the U/V light so I keep them on her, the mist throwing a slight shadow on the wall and allowing my eyes to pick up air movements in front of me. After a few more minutes, Ursula wanted to try for communication via her Frank’s box, so she handed me the camera.

I continued talking to The White Lady as she put thoughts into my head that she is NOT Alma Schierbaum (the woman who left her husband Ben Schierbaum) and resents being called her, but is actually Anna Schierbaum, who loved Mineral Springs as her crippling arthritis was cured here and died here in 1911. I am getting chills as I type out these events right now. She also indicated to me that Alma ran off with another man, which is NOT mentioned in any of the histories, written or verbal.

I put the U/V lights down, pointing them at Anna then reached out to The White Lady with my left hand, running the tips of my fingers down from her shoulder to her elbow, feeling a firmness under my skin. I then held out my left hand, and in just a few seconds she placed her hand onto mine. I continued recording this with the full spectrum camera. After a few more minutes, she started moving away from me. I kept recording with the camera. Upon review of this part there is another female figure in white standing down the hall in front of the break-room door. Was this Alma, returned in search of husband Ben who shot himself out of grief for her loss?

I never felt or communicated with this figure, not knowing of her existence until I reviewed the recording. Feeling spent and alone, I turned both full spectrum cameras onto a massage lounger and lay down, entering a near state of sleep, as apparently The White Lady and the other female spirit fed on my body for the energy needed to interact. I was barely aware of Ursula still being in the room working on the Frank’s Box. I only knew how long I laid there by looking at the camera footage and timing it. It seemed like an hour but was only a few minutes.

After resting, Ursula Kalin walked out of the office as I stood up. I suggested that we explore the back where The White Lady had come from, along with where the other female spirit I found through the video. She followed me down the short hallway as I looked in a couple of the private massage rooms. I got to the break-room door as I explained what I had felt and found in this room during my previous two investigations.

I pushed open the door slowly, when suddenly, something pushes back on the door so hard that I moved backwards a full step, almost knocking down Ursula. Ursula asked what happened, and I explained that the door was pushing back on me and that something must not want us to go in there. She said that maybe we shouldn’t go in there, I said a couple of swear words and shoved back hard against the door, opening it wide enough for us to enter the break-room. I panned the camcorder around the room as Ursula said that there were three spirits in the room seated at the chairs around the table. I agreed, as I felt the same thing.

I also commented that the head guy was sitting in the nice leather chair on the far side of the table and that it was him that didn’t want us in there. Ursula agreed. We opened our minds even more, realizing that we had stumbled into a mob meeting. Mobsters used to meet at this hotel in the 1920s and 30s, which is the only reason The Original Mineral Springs Hotel remained opened when every other spring hotel closed down. Ursula wondered out loud what would happen if she sat down in the leather chair. I encouraged her to do so, even as she hesitated. Finally, Ursula got the courage to sit down. Suddenly, the ghost box, which we had left on in the office out front started talking loud and clear.

Thinking that the male employees had come into the massage area and were wondering what all of the strange equipment was sitting around, I opened the swinging door and said “Hello? Is anyone there?” The ghost box answered loud and clear “Yes!!” This quick reply sent chills down the spines of both Ursula and me as she jumped out of the chair, looking out the door. “Did you hear that?” she asked. “Yes I did,” I replied. “Loud and clear.” We quickly left the break-room, heading to the main massage area.

We looked around and saw no one, but quickly realized that it was much lighter in that room than when we left it. Was there a time shift as we explored in the dark? All we know was that we left a room in the dark and we returned, seemingly to us only five minutes later to a bright room. Did we lose time? Did both of us move back and forth in time? Ursula and I both got the feeling that the mobsters were suppressing The White Lady so we both asked them this question. I demand loudly that they stop picking on The White Lady then said that bullying will NOT be tolerated in life or the afterlife, and that they stop picking on The White Lady. Then all feelings ended.

Dazed and confused, I went to the front desk to point out some blood on the break-room door that I had spotted with my U/V lights. The night clerk said that she would walk up to the massage room with me and put out a “Be Right Back” sign on the counter when her replacement (the day clerk who comes in at seven AM) walks into the building. “It’s seven in the morning already?” I said. They both replied yes. I checked the footage on the hand held camera and I passed a clock in the break-room that said it was 20 minutes before seven just seconds before the loud voices over the ghost box.

We had lost fifteen minutes!

How could we have spent five minutes in a room and lost fifteen? I walk back with the desk clerk, showed her the blood then Ursula and I explained what had happened the past two hours. I checked the clock in the break-room and it was correct. We took down my sensors and lighting and packed my bags. Ursula and I both headed back to our rooms, as breakfast was about to be served, after which we have our bath times.

After breakfast, my wife (Gail) and I went to the Bath House for our mineral baths (which I highly recommend). I locked the door, and then got into the whirlpool bath, drinking more of the mineral water chilled with ice. I relaxed for a few minutes, when I once again felt a presence. I looked up, and there was The White Lady standing there looking at me. I looked up, smiled, and then said “Thank-you.” She smiled, then nodded. I returned her smile and said, “Well, I am naked laying here.”

The White Lady smiled, nodded again, turned and walked through the door where my bathrobe is hanging. I went back to relaxing, knowing that The White Lady was just checking up on me and meant no harm. Later, after getting out of the bath I go back up to the front where I met up with Gail. I told her what happened, then the attendant came by, so I told her as well.

Soon Ursula Kalin, who had to leave her bath early as she had fallen asleep, joined the conversation. The attendant talked about how The White Lady and the young boy have been spotted in the baths before, and that the boy had locked her in a closet twice. She also mentioned that the White Lady usually leaves the scent of jasmine through the baths when she passes through. Ursula asked what the attendant sprayed through the baths, as she wanted to buy some of that spray.

The attendant replied that she had not sprayed at all this morning. Gail confirmed that the smell was jasmine. The attendant agreed, saying that the scent The White Lady left behind was extra strong that morning. We went back to our rooms all shaking our heads about our extreme paranormal morning and how many people would actually believe what we experienced. But we know what happened, regardless.

Len Dorman was born in Columbus, GA in July 1956. He has lived in Chicago since the summer of 2001 and married a Southside Chicago gal in November 2001. Len has experienced the paranormal since childhood, having seen and felt spirits in many places. He joined a paranormal group in Chicago in 2010 and continues investigating the known and unknown haunted locations in the Midwest.


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