An Encounter with the White Lady at the Original Springs Hotel, Part 2

By Len Dorman

Upon our return to the Massage Room, one person tagging along, I began to set up my lights. They included 2 infrared mini-floods (since I wasn’t using them on a camera), 4 ultraviolet mini-spots, 8 infrared mini-spots and 8 electrical charge warning lights. I also set up 4 green positive charge indicators and 4 red negative charge indicators. Spirits are thought to be formed of an electrical charge, so these lights flicker, go dim or go out when an electrical charge come close to them, warning of possible paranormal activity. I also set up one of my full spectrum camcorders as a static cam while attaching the handle and large infrared spot/flood combo light to my handheld camcorder.

I also set up my 3 motion detectors. These specially made detectors don’t have a built in noise maker but send a signal to a box with an alarm (which I keep turned off ) and 3 numbered lights, which tell me which motion detector has spotted movement. While I was doing this, another male teenager and two female teens joined the one male teen that had been following me. I turned out the lights and asked them to be still and quiet, which they were. I called out for any spirits who wished to talk or appear to please do so, that we were not here to hurt anyone, just to make contact and talk. I explained to my small crowd that this is what paranormal investigators do with most of their time, sit in the dark and talk to a room. For a long while nothing happened.

I kept stalling, thinking that the rest of the real tour group would show up and give me some real help with this room. Suddenly the reflection of one of my red lights changed shape so I started to watch it, making sure what I was seeing was not a shadow caused by the two girls seated nearby on the floor or outside lighting. Neither was the case. I opened my mind, maybe dangerously so, but this was an unexplainable event. I watched in shock as something, someone, tried to form between me and my red light. I told everyone to be still and quiet, especially the girls, who I asked if they were alright. They answered with a “Yes, why?” I answered that a spirit was trying manifest just three feet away from them and to hold still.

I called out the White Lady as the shape and size was female. The figure faded in and out a few times then disappeared. I wondered out loud if there were too many people in the room and the second guy who had come in said maybe so, and left at this time. Scared? Tired? Sleepy? I will never know. We stayed in the room a while longer but nothing else happened. Soon after the one guy left, one of my party that rode down from Chicago with Ursula came to the door and said Ursula was on the front porch looking for me. I answered that I was waiting for everyone to come in here but would check in to the porch, gathering up my equipment and leaving.

Upon arrival on the porch Ursula wanted to know where I was, not realizing that I was set up in the massage room waiting on her and the rest of party to get there. She asked me to join her in the stairwell so I went there after setting up my motion detectors on the active third floor. We then moved to the area in front of Ursula’s room in the pool area for a EVP session. This got a bit slow for me so I asked one of the Snapit Paranormal members to join me in the massage room. I quickly set up the room with my lights and sensors once again.

We asked for the spirits to turn off different lights or appear but I didn’t feel what I did before. We then got a female member of Snapit Paranormal to sit in with us hoping The White Lady would respond better with a female present as it is the female employees who don’t come into this room at night. This extended my second investigation of the massage room for 30-40 minutes but we never felt anything. EVPs were worthless because by this time the sports bar downstairs was in full swing, which I think is what kept the spirits away during this part of the investigation. We rejoined Ursula Kalin in front of her room where we decided to move to the third floor where I noticed that my motion detectors were picking up movement on my pocket sized indicator.

Ursula was late (very late) getting to the third floor from her pool area room as she worked on her balky laptop to get ready for some serious EVPs using her big mic. We set up the hallway with cameras at each end, a standard light camera at one end and a full spectrum at the other and also putting up a few of my red/green sensor lights along the length of the hall. Once Ursula arrived, we started an interactive EVP session. After a few tries, we start getting answers to our questions and statements. At my age, I have a few issues with hearing EVPs but I actually heard a couple of the EVPs that Ursula picked up.

Due to the hour (after 3AM), people slowly dropped out of our group, headed to bed. I asked the remaining Snapit member to take his mother to bed as she was falling asleep, leaving Ursula Kalin and I alone. She said she wanted to work on EVPs around the pool and I told her I was headed back to the massage room for one more try. I grabbed my lights, leaving the motion detectors in the third floor hallway, so I could actually investigate two locations at once with Ursula making a third location being investigated.

I quickly set up my lights, both the sensor red & green lights and the infrared and ultraviolet, flooding the room in full spectrum lighting with the camera lights on. I then set up both full spectrum camcorders, stood still and listened. In just seconds I heard footsteps coming down a hall to my left that lead to several private massage rooms. I also heard voices and had that “I am not alone” feeling. There was also the fact that now that the bar downstairs had been closed for a couple of hours that I was the only person in this side of the building as only the closed bar and equally closed bathhouse were below me.

Realizing that the activity had picked up here, I went downstairs to the pool to get Ursula. While she was packing up her equipment, the late night front desk clerk walked by. I decided to make appointments for my wife and I for the bathhouse later in the morning. Ursula walked over and also made appointment for her and her husband. This would prove later to be clairvoyant on my part or I was being guided to do so by the spirits. Regardless, it would be the smartest move I made all night that lead to yet another experience.

Soon after walking into the room together, Ursula pointed to the right side of the room and an archway that opened to an L-shaped hallway that leads to several private massage rooms and an employee break-room. In that archway, Ursula says she could see a mist, The White Lady. I could see the mist, the cloud, and various parts changing to a figure in front of my eyes. Being like I am, I take a few steps forward when most would take a few steps backwards.

I could see movement in the mist cloud, hair and face flashing in then out of my view. I could also see air movement so I knew The White Lady is walking toward me, which was confirmed by Ursula. I stopped and let The White Lady walk right up to me, Ursula also commenting that she was standing right in front of me, looking into my face. I look down into her face, as I am right at 5’10” and the White Lady is about 5’3”. We stood there for several minutes looking at each other, Ursula expecting us to kiss each other, our faces were so close.

Continued on Wed. August 17

Len Dorman was born in Columbus, GA in July 1956. He has lived in Chicago since the summer of 2001 and married a Southside Chicago gal in November 2001. Len has experienced the paranormal since childhood, having seen and felt spirits in many places. He joined a paranormal group in Chicago in 2010 and continues investigating the known and unknown haunted locations in the Midwest.


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