Head 2 Head: Massock Mausoleum vs. Bucktown Pub

Massock Mausoleum vs. Bucktown PubLocations: Massock Mausoleum in Spring Valley versus Bucktown Pub in Bucktown, Chicago.

Histories: The Massock Mausoleum in tiny Lithuanian Liberty Cemetery has long been the focus of local curiosity. The entrance to the mausoleum has been sealed with concrete ever since the late 1960s when two vandals stole a skull from one of the Massock brothers. The Massock brothers’ mansion was located in the woods nearby, but was torn down in the late 1980s. The Bucktown Pub has been a longtime staple of the northside Chicago neighborhood of the same name. Recently, the pub has undergone renovations and features a jukebox with music from obscure films.

Hauntings: Rosemary Ellen Guiley, in her book The Complete Vampire Companion, related the story of several men who encountered a “gaunt, pale figure,” in the cemetery at night. Fearing for their lives, they shot at the figure and ran. Later, a reporter who had heard about the men’s strange encounter came to the cemetery and poured holy water into a vent in the mausoleum, which produced a groaning sound. Other visitors have brought back stories of a “hatchet man” that guards the graveyard. The mausoleum itself is said to be warm to the touch and the scene of animal sacrifice. Red paint is spattered on the door.

The Bucktown Pub is believed to be haunted by a former owner named Wally who committed suicide in 1986. After the bar was purchased from his widow, the new owners made some adjustments to its interior. Much to their surprise, bottles and even coasters and napkins were mysteriously rearranged during the night back to the way they had been when Wally was in charge. The jukebox also turned on and off at will, and employees have reported seeing or hearing someone who vanished when they turned to greet the anonymous visitor.

Which of these two locations do you think is the scariest? Leave your comments below!

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  1. Well, Mike – I’ve been to the Massock and wasn’t particularly scared. The other has booze, so… *ding ding ding* we have a winner!


    • massock has the ghost wild with graze stone damge with red paint eyes of orange and yellow men voices pranster ghost they breathe right on top of u. there growl is un settling and will follow u home if u are not careful these spirits can harm u


  2. Noah is awesome says:

    Massock is actually freaky if you go at night. I went and I heard growling from inside the walls. I heard a car but no cars went down the road. My camera stopped working and my phone died soooo ya.


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