Ghostly Games: Jeopardy Edition! 6/11

Welcome to “Ghostly Games”: Jeopardy! Each month throughout 2012, we will feature  three categories that will test your knowledge of the strange and unusual in Illinois, or of the paranormal generally. Play along at home and remember to phrase your answers in the form of a question! Answers will be shown at the bottom of next month’s categories.

Famous Ghosts
  • 100 – This ghost wanders a sprawling Decatur cemetery in her wedding dress.
  • 200 – The ghost of this woman frightens off anyone unfortunate enough to become stranded near her Streator stomping grounds.
  • 300 – One avenue in Moline is haunted by this directionally-inspired phantom.
  • 100 – This song from Ian Hunter’s 1996 album The Artful Dodger is named after a well-known vanishing hitchhiker.
  • 200 – Woodie Guthrie wrote this song to commemorate the 1947 Centralia Mine Disaster.
  • 300 – This Rockford-based band is named after a mysterious old woman who lived on Meridian Road.
Mysterious Creatures
  • 100 – These melanistic wild cats have been spotted all over central and southern Illinois.
  • 200 – This southern-Illinois beast is well known for its peculiar stench and matted, white fur.
  • 300 – This sea serpent has been spotted several times near the harbors of Chicago and was known for bellowing “like a bull.”
Answers to last month’s categories:

Tragic Disasters: What is the Eastland, What is the Touhy Mobile Home Park, What is the 1887 Chatsworth Train Wreck
Haunted Places:  What is Cave-in-Rock, What is Illinois College, What is White Hall
Infamous Crimes: What is the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, What is Brown’s Chicken, Who is Herman Butcher


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