Strange Encounter at Bachelor’s Grove

By Len Nowakowski

I live in Chicago Ridge and a cemetery called Bachelor’s Grove is about a ten minute drive from there. It is purported to be the most haunted place in the Chicagoland area. The cemetery is about a quarter mile off the main highway. It has been abandoned and neglected except by ghost hunters since 1967. The last known burial was in 1988, and that is still unsure since most people don’t stay there long enough to really search for it. I went there the first time about three years ago with two friends.

It was in the afternoon, and while in the cemetery I got a very unusual feeling, it was strange I just felt sad or depressed or something. As soon as I walked out onto the trail I was fine, the same with the other two people who were with me. There are many stories about the place, but one chilling event happened one night in early October of 2002 at around 10 p.m. Four of us were coming out of the cemetery and were about half way out of the preserves when we noticed someone walking toward us. It was a lady with a young child. She looked lost and asked us how far the cemetery was. One of the guys told her it was a little way down the trail.

She thanked us and continued on. We stopped and looked at each other, wondering what a woman was doing bringing a young child to a graveyard after ten o’clock at night. We also noticed the child was totally quiet and just had a blank stare. It took a split second to turn and the woman and child were nowhere to be found. We realized when they were walking the sound of crunching leaves could not be heard like the four of us could hear as we walked. I hope this story will give you a chill. It is a true story.

Len Nowakowski is the co-founder and director of The Illinois Ghost Society.


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  1. Wow, Len that is a great encounter. I wish you had IR para-spectrum cameras going at the time.
    I have been there a few times and most days it is a walk in the park, while others , it has a heavy lonely feeling to it. I have a 3D 360 deg. panning video I did that is up on the Bachelors Grove main page. Check it out with anaglyph glasses.



  1. […] (Resurrection Cemetery, St. James SAG, etc.). We’ve booked a summer investigation of famous Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery. We’ve also been working on the final details to book a few awesome locations including Al […]


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