Head 2 Head: Coronado Theater vs. Peck Cemetery

Coronado Theater vs. Peck cemeteryLocations: Coronado Theater in Rockford versus Peck Cemetery in Oakley Township.

Histories: The Coronado is a historic, 2,400 seat theater. It was designed by architect Frederick J. Klein, cost $1.5 million to build, and opened on October 9, 1927. Some have speculated that the theater was built on an American Indian burial ground because of its proximity to Beattie Park, which contains small Indian Mounds from the Upper Mississippian period. The theater was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

Peck Cemetery is of the typical rural stock, formerly hidden in a wood at the end of a gravel road. Today, houses dot the pothole-filled road, the gravel path to the cemetery is now a driveway, and “Beware of dogs” and “no trespassing” signs are prominently displayed. Hidden from view prior to the 1990s, Peck Cemetery was the perfect place to hold nighttime excursions far from any prying eyes.

Hauntings: According to a local psychic named Mark Dorsett, three ghosts haunt the Coronado Theater: Willard Van Matre, its original owner (who died in 1953), Miss Kileen, its first office manager, and Louis St. Pierre, a Bridge enthusiast and the first theater manager. While the ghost of Van Matre likes to greet visitors at the theater entrance, the scent of lilac perfume is associated with Miss Kileen. Other people have reported feeling “uneasy” on the catwalks, allegedly because they are occupied by the ghosts of men who died during construction of the building.

Trespassors to Peck Cemetery have left burnt candles, graffiti, and headless statues covered in red paint. It was rumored that the leader of a Satanic cult installed a “devil’s chair” in the cemetery, on which he would sit during rituals. If anyone else sat on the chair, they would die within a year. “Inexplicable cries,” “whispers and voices,” “hooded figures,” “eerie lights,” and “the sound of a woman’s scream” are other phenomenon experienced at this cemetery.

Which of these two locations do you think is the scariest? Leave your comments below!

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