Head 2 Head: Chesterville Cemetery vs. The Tonic Room

Chesterville Cemetery vs. The Tonic RoomLocations: Chesterville Cemetery in Chesterville versus The Tonic Room in Lincoln Park, Chicago.

Histories: Chesterville is a small Amish and Mennonite community that consists of no more than a few dozen houses located a couple of miles away from Rockome gardens. Within the neatly trimmed grounds of Chesterville Cemetery, an old oak tree stands at the edge of the woods that separates the graveyard from the river. An iron fence surrounds it, and an anonymous stone marker sits beneath it. The Tonic Room is a quaint pub on Chicago’s north side. Ever since the Roaring ‘20s, the building now home to the Tonic Room has had a colorful history that lends itself to tales of the paranormal. A brothel was once located in the upstairs apartments, and the tavern was a popular hangout for a North Side Irish gang.

Hauntings: According to legend, Chesterville Cemetery’s peculiar grave is that of a woman who turned up dead after being accused of witchcraft in the early 1900s after she challenged the views of the local Amish church elders. The town planted a tree over her grave to trap her spirit inside and prevent her from taking revenge. Her ghost can still be seen from time to time hanging around the area.

When the owners of the Tonic Room first opened their establishment, they discovered Egyptian iconography painted on the basement ceiling and a pentagram painted on the basement floor, leading to speculation that it had been a meeting place for an American chapter of the Golden Dawn. One elderly woman claimed to have witnessed a ritual murder there in the 1930s when she accompanied her father to a secret meeting. According to author Ursula Bielski, patrons and staff have reported seeing apparitions in both the basement and the main bar.

Which of these two locations do you think is the scariest? Leave your comments below!

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