Spotlight: Lafler-Ennis Cemetery

Rumors of a werewolf that stalks the nearby stone quarry is just one of the strange tales that have swirled around this little-known cemetery along the Embarras River in Coles County. Its out-of-the-way location has long attracted fraternities and sororities looking to test the mettle of their new recruits. Complicating matters, a young girl named “Mary Hawkins” is buried here, leading some to (wrongly) speculate that this is the eternal resting place of the Mary Hawkins of Pemberton Hall fame.

Our spotlight this month is a special one – an issue from the old Legends and Lore of Coles County! Download the entire issue for free, with more details about the history and mystery of Lafler-Ennis Cemetery: Legends and Lore of Coles County Issue Vol 1 Issue 5


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