Haunted House of Collinsville

History, Mystery, and Hauntings of Southern IllinoisFrom History, Mystery, and Hauntings of Southern Illinois by Bruce Cline.

Many years ago a stately mansion stood on Keebler Road in Collinsville. This mansion had a dark history due to the slave auctions that were held there before the Civil War. Entire families of African Americans were put on the auction block and sold individually to the highest bidder. Many husbands, wives, sons and daughters never saw or heard from their loved ones again after being taken to the farms and business of the wealthy slave holders.

After the Civil War, the mansion stood vacant and dilapidated. The mansion had acquired a reputation of being haunted. Townsfolk would only pass by the mansion on the far side of the road due to their fear of the apparitions that had been reported there. Candles would be seen floating past the broken windows of the mansion and wispy, vaporous forms of slave women were reported walking among the tombstones of the nearby graveyard.

The First Baptist Church in Collinsville is reported to be haunted by the phantom of a hooded figure accompanied by a ghostly black dog. Shadows float across the walls of the church even though there is nothing visible that could cause them.

During World War I, some citizens of Collinsville distrusted Germans so much that one German immigrant was reported to have been killed in the basement of the church. Some people believe that the murdered German is now a ghost that inhabits the church. On occasion, this ghost has been known to hit church members so hard that bruises are left on their bodies.

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  1. The German man was hung from a tree off California street, according to family that have been in town since the early days. I recently moved back. Also the man was held in the police Collinsville jail, for his safety. Unfortunately, the Lynch mob was so large that they got him anyway.


  2. First of all Illinois wasn’t a slave state, I have read local history and never heard of slave auctions in town, secondly the german man was taken from city hall, marched down St Louis road and hung at the top of the bluff next to the Cemetary there. He had gone to a “socialist” meeting in neighboring maryville IL and apparently said disparaging things about the president or something. this was 1917 and when word got around town the local drunks came and got him. He was kept in city hall after one incident but after the town mayor closed the bars in town the mob came and took him from city hall/jail and hung him. There was a trial in edwardsville IL where the mob leaders were somehow found not guilty because of the anti german sentiment at the time. I used to live about 6 blocks away from the spot where he was hung, his name was Robert Prager. Where is this book getting this misinformation I wonder, dont buy it!


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