A Harrowing Encounter in Winston Tunnel

Winston Tunnel

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In front of the duo was an endless tunnel of darkness. Behind them, the tunnel entrance glowed almost unbearably bright, the bars that covered the opening only very briefly interrupting the sunlight. Greg and Davin slowly clawed their way forward, using the slippery cement wall as a guide. Davin clutched at Greg’s shirt sleeve, but Greg, who was about a head shorter, brushed him off.

“I really think we should wait for the others,” Davin said nervously. “Who knows what’s down there? Not us, I’ll tell you that.”

Greg, who wore a ragged, olive green U.S. Army shirt from the Vietnam War with the sleeves rolled up, sighed in frustration. “Where is your sense of adventure? Why don’t you get out of the basement every once and a while and live a little?”

“I am out of the basement,” Davin grumbled. He jumped as his foot hit something long and thin—a branch that had been carried into the tunnel and deposited there during a heavy rain. “Man, there could be snakes in here and God knows what else.” …Davin was unable to complete his thought before several figures interrupted the light coming from the tunnel entrance.

“Good, Mike and the others finally made it,” Greg said and quickly turned to give his friends a verbal lashing for taking so long to get there. When he turned to face the tunnel entrance, however, he saw only the outlines of three figures, each about six feet tall and two feet wide. They seemed to be absorbing all light, like deep black silk. An icy chill ran down his spine.

What happened next? Download Volume 5 issue 2 of the Legends and Lore of Illinois to find out!


Winston Tunnel February 2012New issues of the Legends and Lore of Illinois will be posted throughout 2012, after a year’s hiatus. To celebrate its return, we have created a series of 4×6 postcards depicting the location discussed in each issue. Simply click on the image to your left to download a high resolution .jpg of this month’s postcard, then send it to your local Walgreens to have it printed. Collect all twelve! Loyal fans who collect all our postcards this year will be eligible for a drawing in December that will determine who is the greatest fan of the Legends and Lore of Illinois of all time!


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