Flashback: Old Union Cemetery

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Mike dug into the pockets of his trench coat and produced a small pair of binoculars. He scanned the woods, which luckily were barren of underbrush since most of the weeds were dead, and saw something moving in the newly fallen leaves.

“What is it?” Emmer asked.

“I don’t know,” Mike replied. “There’s something moving around.”

“Let’s check it out,” Greg said as he began moving in the direction of the sound.

Mike tried to protest, but his friends left him standing alone as they walked toward the woods. He shook his head and followed.

Greg entered the hinterlands of the forest and then stopped dead in his tracks. He was so startled by what he saw that he nearly fell over backwards and took Emmer with him.
Aurelia shoved her way past the two. A few yards ahead, a mangy dog growled and whined menacingly, but appeared to be stuck. The dog was covered by patchy, dark gray hair and seemed malnourished.

“What is that thing?” Emily asked, keeping herself strategically behind Davin.

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  1. Lauren Skrobot, Weldon, IL says:

    We live only 20 miles from Old Union Cemetary and have never been out there. Thaks to the artlcle, we will have to do our own ghost hunt!


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