Head 2 Head: Abingdon Middle School vs. Devil’s Cave

Abingdon Middle School vs. Devil's CaveLocations: Abingdon Middle School in Abingdon versus Devil’s Cave in North Aurora.

Histories: Built of brick, the old Abingdon Middle School at Snyder and Washington streets was formerly North Abingdon High School. In October 1956, a teacher named Karen Moriaty tragically died at the school. During the 1970s, a tornado damaged the building and knocked down its distinctive chimney. Today, the school is abandoned and off limits to visitors. Devil’s Cave was created over millions of years by water eroding sandstone rock. When the first white settlers arrived, Waubonsee Indians occupied that land. According to legend, one of these Indians had been banished from the tribe and lived in the cave. He covered himself in a fungus that glowed at night, leading passersby to believe the cave was haunted.

Hauntings: According to legend, a speech teacher at Abingdon brought her three-year-old child to work and left him outside to play on his tricycle while she ran into her classroom to get something. Unsupervised, her child accidentally fell down the cement steps and broke his neck. The teacher was so grief stricken that she hung herself in her classroom. Ever since, the ghosts of both the woman and her child have been seen in and around the school, and a former janitor even reported these sightings to the police. Some storytellers claim that blood stains appear on the steps where the child died.

The story of Devil’s Cave is slightly less gruesome. According to the Kane County Chronicle, one member of the Waubonsee tribe was not happy when white men moved into the area and began to play pranks on the settlers. After he was banished from the village, some of the settlers were found murdered and scalped. During the search for the perpetrator, they noticed a light coming from a nearby cave in the woods. A joint band of Waubonsee and white settlers lit brush on fire at the entrance to the cave to smoke out whatever was in there. The banished man ran out of the cave, caught fire, and leapt to his death into in the Fox River.

Which of these two locations do you think is the scariest? Leave your comments below!

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