Ghostly Games: Jeopardy Edition! 1/9

Welcome to our brand new “Ghostly Game”: a Jeopardy edition! Each month throughout 2012, we will feature  three categories that will test your knowledge of the strange and unusual in Illinois, or of the paranormal generally. Play along at home and remember to phrase your answers in the form of a question! Answers will be shown at the bottom of next month’s categories.

Paranormal People
  • 100 – This Chicago native graduated from Benedictine University and has written a trilogy of books about haunted places in the Windy City.
  • 200 – This long-time network TV actor has entertained audiences on WCIU-TV, Channel 26 as “Svengoolie” since 1995.
  • 300 – This area man has owned Chet’s Melody Lounge ever since Chicago’s most famous hitchhiking ghost abandoned her date there in the 1970s.
Haunted Places
  • 100 – This former elementary school in Alton was featured on the television show Ghost Hunters in October 2010.
  • 200 – This Clarendon Hills restaurant is haunted by both a former owner and a woman who tragically committed suicide on the street outside.
  • 300 – This government building in Southern Illinois is home to an unusual ghost called the “Taffeta Woman.”
Urban Legends
  • 100 – This folklore motif closely resembles the story of Chicago’s Resurrection Mary, in which a man has a harrowing roadside encounter with a forlorn female phantom.
  • 200 -Put your car in neutral on a bridge in the middle of nowhere and you may experience this popular legend.
  • 300 – Miscalculating engineers are responsible for this hefty campus legend.

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