Munger Road: Read This Before You Explore It

Legends and Lore of Illinois Vol 5 Issue 1The first issue of the Legends and Lore of Illinois for 2012 has arrived! This issue, available to download in .pdf (1.2 mb), takes you to Munger Road, a fascinating stretch of rural road in the far western Chicago suburbs.

Like Barrington’s Cuba Road, Munger Road has attracted a number of strange legends. The road itself penetrates deep into Pratts Wayne Woods and until recently was fairly remote and not very well traveled. Rumors of abandoned houses and occult practices abound. Motorists have also reported being chased by a wolf with glowing red eyes as well as a vanishing Oldsmobile.

Perhaps the most famous legend centers on the now-defunct railroad tracks that intersect with Munger. Visitors are convinced that ghostly children will push their cars safely over this railroad crossing, leaving phantom handprints on their bumper. If you visit, you just might catch a glimpse of these phantoms in your rearview mirror as you pass over the tracks. The many legends of Munger Road were the  backdrop for the 2011 horror movie of the same name.

Download this issue! This issue is packed with photos and information you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, read about your favorite paranormal adventurers, The Fallen, as they explore this mysterious and maligned location. Click here to Download the issue for free!


New issues of the Legends and Lore of Illinois will be posted throughout 2012, after a year’s hiatus. To celebrate its return, we have created a series of 4×6 postcards depicting the location discussed in each issue. Simply click on the image to your left to download a high resolution .jpg of this month’s postcard, then send it to your local Walgreens to have it printed. Collect all twelve! Loyal fans who collect all our postcards this year will be eligible for a drawing in December that will determine who is the greatest fan of the Legends and Lore of Illinois of all time!


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