The Ghost of College Street

History, Mystery, and Hauntings of Southern IllinoisFrom History, Mystery, and Hauntings of Southern Illinois by Bruce Cline.

John Carter (names have been changed to protect privacy) killed himself in his home on W. College St., in Carbondale, Illinois. The previous year, Carter’s mother died. Carter never married and lived all his life with his mother. Upon the mothers death, Carter’s siblings got a court order evicting Carter from the only home he had known. The siblings only cared about the money they would get from the sale of the home (less than $5000) little caring where their brother would go. Before killing himself he told a friend: “I’m not going to leave this place.”

Carter was to be evicted from the home on W. College Street by police acting on a court order. Nine officers went to the home to force Carter out. They broke into the locked house and found Carter dead of a gunshot wound. He apparently shot himself several days prior. Carter was sitting in a chair in his bedroom. The wound under his chin apparently was inflicted by the .410 gauge shotgun nearby. The old, single-shot gun had been fired once. He apparently killed himself rather than be forced from the house he refused to leave. When the court proceedings to evict were begun, Carter told a friend: “I’m not going to leave this place.” His ghost never did leave and still haunts the house to this day. He is buried in Oakland Cemetery.

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  1. That’s it? How did he haunt the house ? What proof did anyone have that he never left? Spelling error on the word SAIL…should have been SALE.


  2. Bruce Cline says:

    The house is rental property and several renters have reported strange happenings that they believe are caused by the man who killed himself there.

    * reports of outside doors locking themselves when the occupants are home (as if to keep people from entereing the home to evict the man)

    * at lest 2 reports of phantom gunshot sounds coming from the room that the man shot himself in.

    * Unexplained sobbing sounds late at night and early morning.


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