Ghostly Game #9: Cabinet of Curiosity

This is a fun game for small parties or great for breaking up the monotony of the evening. A prize is recommended for the winner.


  • 3-5 friends.
  • 1 stop watch.
  • 1 fake skull.
  • A cluttered closet.


Before the game starts, players should make sure that the closet is cluttered but not so much that it makes movement impossible.  Also, remove any potentially hazardous items. One player should hide the skull somewhere in the closet (within view—the game should be difficult but not impossible).  Make sure that the other players do not see where the skull was placed. Taking turns, each player is allowed 1 minute to find the skull with the closet door closed.  The player who finds the skull gets to hide the skull in the next round. Play continues until everyone has found the skull at least once.

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