Audio Interview with Mark Temples

This audio clip is from an interview I conducted with Mark Temples in the summer of 2006, shortly after Ashmore Estates was purchased by Scott Kelley to be turned into a haunted house. Mark Temples, whose ex-wife Jane worked at the facility as certified nurse’s assistant, was, alongside co-editor Monte Henson, managing editor of an in-house publication called the Ashmore Review from 1981 to about 1983. The Ashmore Review was nicknamed “The Good Newspaper” and featured articles about goings on at the facility alongside pictures of patients and staff. At the end of our interview, he expressed relief that someone had finally purchased the building and had plans to preserve its memory. Mark died on June 10, 2007. Click on the player below to listen to the interview.



  1. On Nov. 13 2010, My paranormal team had a chance to go in and to conduct a paranormal/ghost hunt and got some good evp’s out of Ashmore Estates. One of the members is in the medical field and one of the evps said “I kill you” after the question was asked which was I’m a CNA and did anyone soil themselves do you need help change? After that was one of the multiple questions we ask we got alot of good evidence from Ashmore Estates. Being a Poor Farm and a Phy. Ward. So being run down with the look and feel of the place. Yes it has it moments of the past.


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